How to make sheet metal plane riveting point riveting without deformation


Inthe electrical switch industry, it is often necessary to rivet N multiplerivets on a relatively thin sheet metal, the size of rivets is also long andshort, how to rivet these products with high efficiency and high quality?

A lot of users are in a bottom die drill Nmany holes, put rivet directly inside, and then put on the sheet metal piecesbegan to rivet directly.Although this method is simple and fast, but thequality of riveting is not stable, the riveting of sheet metal deformation orrivet and sheet metal gap and so on a series of problems, even a lot of wasteproducts, defective products.

Taiwan grid company's approach is to designa combination of jig, although the height of different rivets into the hole,but the bottom of each rivet and independent support mechanism, so as to ensurethat no matter how much the rivet error, can ensure that the riveting sheetmetal will not produce deformation, and the riveting will not have gaps.

If you want to improve the quality of riveting,pick up the phone and call a professional engineer.

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