About riveting machine riveting head will rotate


Althoughsometimes the use of riveting machine is very high, but few can reallyunderstand the riveting machine, for example, a small question, do you know theriveting head of the riveting machine can rotate, such a small problem is worthunderstanding and thinking.

Riveting process is also known as spinningprocess, so many people understand that the upper die is rotating, in fact, theword "rotation" does not refer to the upper die (riveting head)processing rotation, but refers to the riveting workpiece material in theprocess of plastic deformation in accordance with the workpiece section in acircular way (that is, point by point deformation track).Riveting machine theprinciple of riveting is summarized by riveting head and the workpiece of thecontinuous small area of extrusion to produce the required deformation.Theextrusion process is different from the common stamping and rolling process.Thecommon method is strong instantaneous deformation, which ACTS on the end faceof the riveting piece, which requires the tonnage of the equipment to be large,and the structure of the riveting piece to be improved to improve the abilityof resisting bad deformation (pier thick, bending).

And riveting basic principle is that thedeformation of rivet head axis axis into 3 degrees Angle and rivet, rivet headriveting, riveting head is a point of contact with the rivet area, at thebeginning of the pressure under the action of the contact point deformation, andthen through the rivet head movement of pendulum rolling deformation of eachpoint by point on the trajectory, thus extending the deformation to the rivetend face.According to its principle, riveting machine has obvious advantages.

1. As the deformation is point-by-point,the tonnage of the equipment is required to be small.

2, the deformation range is small, will notappear riveting workpiece pier thick, bending and other phenomena.

So the principle of riveting I think we allknow, in fact, the riveting head movement process is a pure swing, in fact,there is no rotation, so if the riveting machine in the production process, ifthe riveting head rotation, taboo to affect its processing quality.

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